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Thank you so much Sharee- I did a little happy dance when I seen your comment! I’m receiving such overwhelming support! For a girl who at one point everybody considered the “fat friend” this really is shocking for me. 

One thing I will say is to all you looking to improve your health and fitness for whatever reason: do it for yourself. At one point in my life I was considered to some people “too fat” and now some people say I’m “too skinny”- you can’t please everyone. Be confident, be strong and be yourself. 

Progress picture, love from the girl who now loves to see the sunshine :)

Tumblr: finallygoingthedistance

Gorgeous inside and out ❤️

A little obsessed with frozen berry vegan icecream at the moment! Made with frozen berries, cherries and coconut milk. Great for this hot day and to help motivate me through my uni assignments!

I did like 8 of these yesterday, and focused on having really good form like this girl does, and I woke up with sore abs today. After just doing 8 of these. Yeah I think they work.

Its funny how much fashion comes around

What movie is this from??

The first time